Why should Bigg Boss be banned now, in the aftermath of the pandemic?

    There is still plenty of crime in homes and on the streets during this pandemic-related curfew. Should Big Brother, with its toxic masculinity paradigm, continue to air it?

    As a result of the pandemic in 2020 driving more people to stay at home, television viewing has unfortunately increased. Daily soaps, on the other hand, are not the worst element of Indian television, in my opinion, because some of the content has evolved over time. Check more information about Desi Serial.

    Bigg Boss encourages harmful behavior.

    The problem is reality shows, which appear to encourage voyeurism and violence. They have only succeeded in upsetting the country's youth and spreading toxins.

    Reality programs like Bigg Boss and others have fostered not only bullying but also abusive behavior. Big names from Indian television are invited to compete in the show; they are people who are supposed to amuse, but instead compete.

    I often worry if the program is simply teaching us how to fight and bother one another, with no tolerance for decency in the world. The main advantage of this show is that it employs a large number of unemployed performers, as well as YouTubers who use it to stay popular by ridiculing people who appear on it.

    People of all ages, including board test students, are enthralled to the show. Some students abandon their academics, create social media sites, and spend the entire day talking with strangers about their favorite celebrities, damaging their emotional well-being.

    Is this a bully-infested school?

    The show irritates audiences by depicting their favorite celebrities as characters who are always fighting, screaming, plotting, and preparing. Salman Khan attacks and mocks people who have earned a reputation for themselves on the show.

    Every season, those contestants are still stigmatized. The spectator is presented with the arduous chore of choosing their favorite toxic personality on the show from among the toxic conduct displayed by each and every contestant on the show in each season.

    Is there any stuff that has a positive aspect to it?

    We need need relevant programming on our televisions during these tough times. Although we like watching our favorite celebrities on television, we would rather that they entertain and promote positivity to their viewers rather than harming them by arguing, screaming, and participating on misogynistic "reality" shows on apparently feminist and "positive" networks.


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